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The Board of Directors of DSV Panalpina A/S has established a Diversity Policy in accordance with the Recommendations on Corporate Governance for the purpose of describing our approach on diversity.

As a global company, we value the diversity of our employees as a genuine strength and wish to comply with internationally proclaimed human rights.
UN sustainability goal 8

DSV Panalpina recognises and supports equal human rights and opposes discrimination, differential treatment, harassment, inappropriate or unreasonable interference with work performance and similar in employment and working conditions.

Our global reach and local presence bring together people from a multitude of backgrounds, all with different skills and experience. Our global presence in 80 countries also implies a both multi-faceted and diverse employee landscape.



At DSV, our aim is to always hire the best candidate. We do not discriminate against or give preferential treatment to anyone because of their gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual, religious or political orientation, national origin or social background or any other characteristic protected by law.
To promote diversity among leaders at DSV, diversity and ethics are incorporated into our recruitment training programmes. Among several initiatives related to recruitment training, they contribute to a successful recruitment and onboarding process at DSV, and equip DSV
leaders to better assess candidates and fulfil our aim of always recruiting the best candidate based on qualifications, thereby creating a diverse composition of employees.

Gender distribution

Building on the basic principles of our Code of Conduct and our general approach to diversity as outlined above, a dedicated focus on non-discrimination based on gender and on achieving a balanced gender distribution in our organisation remains high on our agenda.
We believe that having a balanced workforce with equal access and opportunities for anyone wishing to join our company is essential to our success as a company and contributes to ensuring a good working environment.
We emphasise this focus through our recruitment and advancement practices and policies supporting equal access and career advancement for anyone with the dedication and skills needed, regardless of gender.
Through the adoption of our recruitment and advancement practices, and our presence in more than 80 countries, we aim to obtain a fair and balanced gender ratio in the DSV Panalpina Group. We believe this development is driven to a high degree by our principles and company culture, and we will maintain our focus on this matter in the coming years.


The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for this policy and will review it on an annual basis based on recommendation from the Nomination Committee.
Approved by the DSV Panalpina Board of Directors 28 November 2018.

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