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“I got friends for life”

24-year old Eirik Skovdahl from Norway did not know anything about transport and logistics when he started as a trainee at Young DSV. He learned quickly and it turned out to be exactly what he wanted in a job and career.

Why did you choose Young DSV?

Before starting Young DSV, I worked in sales as an account manager in another company. I wanted more education, but being a young father I could not go to university or similar and work at the same time. The Young DSV traineeship is perfect for me because I can work while I study to become a freight forwarder.

How has it been to be a Young DSV trainee?

I did not know much about transport and logistic before I started but very quickly I knew I was at the right company and industry. In the beginning, it was very exciting to get to know so many new people and learn how the industry works. My most challenging experience as a Young DSV trainee was a very busy period at my department where we all had to work late to get the work done. As a trainee I worked just as hard as the others because I had my own area of responsibilities – I learned a lot about myself in that period. Sometime it is during the hard times you learn the most.

From the outset, you get a lot of practical experience and responsibility and for me it’s the best way to learn.

The best part of Young DSV is definitely that I got so many new friends from all over Europe – some of the other trainees I believe will be my friends for life. We bonded during the theoretical modules run at the head office in Denmark. The trainees in my year are now both friends and good colleagues who support and help each other.

What do you do as a freight forwarder?

I work with import and export freight in central Europe and countries like Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As I live in Norway, which is not a part of the European Union, there are a lot of complex custom rules and I have to make sure all the paperwork is correct. I also plan the transport of up to 40 trucks and talk with different hauliers to negotiate the best price for each transport. On top of that, I am in constant dialogue with the customers to make sure everything is alright with their shipments. If something is wrong, I make sure to handle it – even though it is not in my department.

I only have 6 months left of Young DSV and it has been a really positive experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have grown both as a person and professionally.